Thursday, September 24, 2009

Transit Project - Downtown Bus Stops

*picture above is example of similar project not produced by students of NDSU Arch 771

Current Bus stop structures in downtown Fargo are non-descript, generic structures with a negative public perception as being low class. This project will explore the bus stop as an iconic structure that promotes ridership and provides comfort for the users.
The bus stops will be at various locations where bus stops exist now. The structures will seek to expand on the bus stops found on the NDSU Student Union Stop. it will provides places to sit both in and outside of a semi-enclosed structure. Heaters will be provided to help keep warm in the summer months. There will also be a consideration made for on-site energy generation for the lighting and heaters. A public notice board will be provided as a medium to promote neighborhood events.

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  1. why aren't ALL bus shelters heated--specifically those for the public--the public pays for two bus systems--NDSU and MAT--as well as the bus shelters--why the discrepancy! Are taxpayers somewhat "less" than students?