Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Construction Project - Academical Village

*picture above is example of similar project not produced by students of NDSU Arch 771

While many have acknowledges the thousands of students that do and will dwell in the farrago neighborhood it is the faculty and scholars that are often a forgotten part of the educational equation. The idea of an academical village was the Jeffersonian vision to create a place where learning is a life-long and shared process between students and teacher. This project will focus on that collaborative living/learning by providing housing for the faculty of the downtown University.

The site sits immediately north of the NDSU Klai Hall. It will attempt to densify an already residential block and create durable long-lasting housing that will define the area for the next 100 years. This project will also explore the possibilities of alley fronting housing further dissolving the grid of downtown.

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