Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1: Establishing Site.

To begin the process we first determined some boundaries for our investigations. We collectively decided on First Ave. S as the Southern Border, 7th Ave. N to the North, 14th St. to the West, and 4th Street to the East. The boundaries places Barry Hall, the new face of NDSU Downtown Campus, directly in the middle of the study.

After establishing a focused area we went on a short tour of the emerging neighborhood to discuss the history, present condition, and potential of the area. Among other opportunities we identified Three sites that might be given further consideration in the future plans.
1.)Union Transfer Warehouse.
2.)Proposed Ethnic Market Warehouse
3.) Rail side Warehouse Space.

It is difficult to determine what direction this project might take but we are gaining enthusiasm with hopes of talking to local developers and city planners.

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