Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Concerning the Academical Village

*Above is an image depicting the proposed site at top and 3 other neighborhoods providing inspiration of how this site may be developed.

Some thoughts regarding the academical village:

No one more sincerely wishes the spread of information among mankind than I do, and none has greater confidence in its effect towards supporting free and good government. I, am sincerely rejoiced, therefore, to find that so excellent a fund has been provided for this noble purpose in Tennessee.... I consider the common plan [for colleges] followed in this country, but not in others, of making one large and expensive building, as unfortunately erroneous. It is infinitely better to erect a small and separate lodge for each professorship, with only a hall below for his class and two chambers above for himself; joining these lodges by barracks for a certain portion of the students, opening into a covered way to give a dry communication between all the schools. The whole of these arranged around an open square of grass and trees would make it what it should be in fact, an academical village.... Much observation and reflection on these institutions have long convinced me that the large and crowded buildings in which youths are pent up are equally unfriendly to health, to study, to manners, morals, and order.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Quote Found a www.nps.org

A country whose buildings are of wood, can never increase in its improvements to any considerable degree. Their duration is highly estimated at 50 years. Every half century then our country becomes a tabula rasa, whereon we have to set out anew, as in the first moment of seating it. Whereas when buildings are of durable materials, every new edifice is an actual and permanent acquisition to the state, adding to its value as well as to its ornament.

~Thomas Jefferson
Quote Found at faculty.virginia.edu

Things Considered in this Project (Running List)

  1. 30-40 faculty Housing (walk-up units)

  2. Central Public Court

  3. Corner Shops

  4. Private Garden

  5. Parking

  6. Walkways

  7. Lighting

  8. Building Materials

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