Thursday, September 24, 2009

Restoration / Reuse Project - Freight Depot Commons

*picture above is example of similar project not produced by students of NDSU Arch 771

The Freight Depot and surrounding buildings are finding their usage incompatible with the emerging neighborhood in terms of usage. This project will proposal will reassess the use of the structures and make inquiry on how this cluster of industry can be transformed into a center culture, leisure, and commerce.

The Proposed site is the Freight Depot, Beverage Inc., Minkota building, and the negative space between. This site offers great opportunity for the development of a great civic square with ample space for farmers markets and an array of outdoor eating venues. Such tenets could include: Bookshop, microbrewery/ pub, artist studio, grocery market, farmers market, candy shop, sushi house, dance studio, guitar store, flower shop, dakota pride store, jewelry, furniture, kitchen supply store, coffee house. etc. The commons in between could become a vegetated marketplace with trees, public seating, lighting, and performance space.

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